Disgruntled Old Men
Disgruntled Old Men
Disgruntled Old Men Biography
Rising from the shattered remains of the wedding super group "City Lights", Bill Cavalier and George Schmidt ventured on in hopes of finding something less structured and demanding. The constant touring with "City Lights" had taken it's toll.
After many nights of sipping cider and waxing nostalgic, Bill and George decided what was needed was a group that didn't fall into all the trappings of talent and rehearsals. Immediately, two names came to mind.... Russell Keating and Mark Gallagher.
Russell Keating was a seasoned veteran of studio and stage, but had recently decided to lower his standards. Mark Gallagher, not quite seasoned at anything, was a welcome breath of fresh air.
What followed was several years of tinkering with additional musicians. Many came and went, including sax players, mouth harpists, keyboardists, and of course, what most do not even consider a real musician.... drummers.
Until one fateful gig in the summer of 2001, when playing without a drummer, a history making event occurred. One of the bands groupies brought along a friend with one leg in a cast. Obviously, still on medication and not thinking clearly, he volunteered to play drums for the band. This was the sign the boys needed and Mark Lindsay had become the final member of what is now "Disgruntled Old Men"
Many tours and discs have followed, and many great songs, leading some to say that "D.O.M." could quite possibly be the most influential band since the "Bay City Rollers". Only time will tell.
Bill Cavalier Mark Gallagher Russell Keating
Bill Cavalier
Bass Guitar, Guitar, L & B Vox
Mark Gallagher
Guitar, L & B Vox
Russell Keating
Mark Lindsay George Schmidt
Mark Lindsay
Drum Kit
George Schmidt
Guitar, L & B Vox