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Disgruntled Old Men in no way profit from any of these videos or songs.
We merely cover songs that we enjoy from bands we enjoy.
Discs are created solely for our ourselves.
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Rutting Goats Among Us Rutting Goats Among Us -
2002 Tour
Ethereal Music Ethereal Music -
2002 Rehearsal Sessions
Aging Gracefully Aging Gracefully -
2003 Tour
Inner Peace Inner Peace -
2003 Rehearsal Sessions
Tastes Like Chicken Tastes Like Chicken -
2004 Tour
Enter Containment Enter Containment -
2004 Rehearsal Sessions
Minty Fresh Minty Fresh -
2005 Tour
Cannibal Cannibal -
2005 Rehearsal Sessions
Anything For A Laugh Anything For A Laugh -
2006 Tour
Nether After Nether After -
2006 Rehearsal Sessions
A Sense Of Urgency A Sense Of Urgency -
2007 Tour
Runs Red Runs Red -
2007 Rehearsal Sessions
Pants On Fire Pants On Fire -
2008 Tour
Broken Wing, Broken Heart Broken Wing, Broken Heart -
2008 Rehearsal Sessions
Risky Biscuit Risky Biscuit -
2009 Tour
Silence Is Golden Silence Is Golden -
2009 Rehearsal Sessions
Drowning The Sorrow Drowning The Sorrow
Material from 2010
"Sonic Whiplash" Tour
River Of Pain River Of Pain
Material from 2011
"Sumerian Beer Recipe" Tour
The Rapture The Rapture
Concert DVD from 2012
"Little Dwarves In Gravy" Tour
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
Concert DVD from 2013
"Grasping At Flaws" Tour
Suicide Snapshot Suicide Snapshot
Concert DVD from 2014
"Shallow Nonsense" Tour
Eden Eden
Concert DVD from 2015
"Ignorance Is No Excuse" Tour
Eden Apollyon
Concert DVD from 2016 Tour